Monday, June 1, 2009

Morning Time Play

After the boys wake up in the morning, we play in their room until it is time to eat at 8. It's a great time to get pictures because they are in such good moods.

One morning I walked into their room to find Kyle face down in his boppy. The little stinker is strong enough to roll over even while half way swaddled. That was the last night they slept with boppies. They did fine with the change, so a few days later I put Kase down for a nap in his own crib. They had both been sharing Kyle's. I didn't think they were waking each other up, but they were getting too long to both fit in one crib.

Last night was the first night they slept in separate cribs. Kase slept until 7 am so maybe it did make a difference. Of course, Kyle was up at 1:20 and also 4:30! We'll all make it there one day!

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