Monday, June 1, 2009

More new stuff

Kase is a wiz on the sax. Both boys are teething so everything is going to their mouths. When Kase started chewing on this toy, it made for a pretty good picture.

Kyle is not too little to giggle!

I wasn't lying when I said they are putting every thing in their mouths. Kase figured out how to chew on his toes. Then he must have taught Kyle because I've seen him do it as well.

Eating solids is going well. The boys eat solids with both the 8 am and the 8 pm feeding. When I first started rice cereal with them, they really were not that interested. They liked it more if I made it with breast milk instead of water, but that required a second pumping session after they went to bed and that was wearing me out.

They both like sweet potatoes and will share a cube between them. When they finish, I mix up some rice cereal in the same bowl so that the little bit of sweet potatoes that is left will sweeten the cereal. They eat the cereal much better that way.

Last night I made some butternut squash, sweet peas, and yellow squash to add some variety to their diet. They tried some yellow squash last night and butternut squash this morning and liked both of them. I think I'm going to try a less sweet vegetable like green beans next and then might try some fruit.

And because they are eating solids and making a mess while doing it, I have changed the bath schedule to three nights a week instead of two. They used to get a bath on Wednesday and Saturday, but now bath days will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Both boys can roll over both ways. In fact, I found Kase sleeping on his tummy this morning. It was pretty cute! They can also grab something that you hold in front of them. And then of course, put it in their mouth!

Kyle's hair is getting really thick. He looks like a little kid instead of a baby. I think it might be getting a little darker, but I'm not sure. Kase's is growing also. His is actually getting lighter. These boys are keeping me guessing!

And in not so exciting news... Kyle has been waking up around 1am or 2 am for the past few nights. The only thing I can do to calm him down and get him back to sleep is feed him. So I do! But, I feel too bad waking Kase up then so I let him sleep. He usually wakes up around 5 am to eat. So, I'm back to getting 2-3 hours a sleep at a time. I'm really hoping it is just a phase and that Kyle will go back to sleeping through the night.

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JHP said...

Kase can join our band! If Kyle is not musically inclined, he can be a roadie and hang with the hot babes aka Harper!