Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday Funday

The boys enjoyed their breakfast of sweet potatoes and rice cereal on Monday morning. The first bite of anything Kase takes is the worst thing he's ever tasted. Even if he's eaten it before and liked it. His favorite thing is sweet potatoes. He gagged on avocado, sweet peas, and green beans and then would not eat anymore. He hated the first bite of bananas, but then decided that he liked them okay.

Kase is a better eater, but Kyle is not too bad. He has pretty much caught on. He is much more willing to try new things. He likes avocado, pears and green beans. But, this is also the kid who likes the taste of Tylenol, the rotovirus vaccine and orajel.

We spend time each morning playing in the jumparoos and the Baby Einstein. They both love to jump and chew on any toy they can get to their mouth. The little teddy bear that Kyle has is a favorite. It gets so wet and disgusting from being chewed on.

Sometimes the boys wake up from naps in a very happy mood. Like on Monday! I take their swaddle blankets off and cover them with a receiving blanket that they love to get tangled up in. I turn on the aquarium toy and they watch it and play for a few minutes.
Kase loves to put his feet up on anything. He props them up on the bar in the jogging stroller, up on the wall if he is laying close enough, and up on the crib bumper like in this picture.

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