Friday, June 19, 2009

Kyle Sad Eyes

When Kyle cries his face gets all red and his eyes look so sad. I call him Kyle Sad Eyes when this happens. Kyle got upset when we were coming in from the car and I was getting them ready to eat. It was hot outside and he was sweating in his car seat and he must have been hungry and ready to eat. I promise he was all better when I took this picture. I'm not that mean!

See, here is proof!
And here is proof that he was really really hungry. The boys ate three cubes of food and rice cereal for dinner that night. And Kyle ate the entire cube of beets because Kase would gag on them and spit them out.
And here is Kyle Sleepy Eyes. His eyes looked so sleepy after he got up from a two hour nap the other day. I thought he looked so sweet. Check out those lashes. I'm so jealous.

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JHP said...

Aww, love that last pic!