Monday, June 22, 2009

First Father's Day

Father's Day started bright and early as always. After they ate Kyle and Kase played/ faught over some toys while their Dad slept in... if 8 o'clock is sleeping in!

Yes, Mom, we are sharing.

The boys gave Jason his Father's Day gift. He got a new Texas A&M t-shirt, a gift certificate to buy a new golf club (a 3 wood or something like that), and a ball and club cleaner. But, Kyle forgot to wrap it and Kase forgot to pick up a card! Maybe next year they will have it more together!

We headed over to Jason's parents' house for lunch. The boys got to play with their second cousins, Becca and Rachel.

We had to use the outside trick, but I forgot to pack hats for the boys so Dad had to share. The outside trick didn't work too long because it was so stinkin' hot outside. So back in the a/c we went!

After lunch we headed over to my parents' house. Mom took Kyle in the garage to see the new baby kitties. And Brinley had to say hello too.
I was sure to get a picture with Jason and the boys on Father's Day becuase I forgot to get one with me on Mother's Day. Such cute boys! All three of 'em!

And I tried to sneak in a family pic as well. I chose this one with Kyle's hand down my shirt over the one with a fist full of my hair in his mouth.

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