Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Friends

The boys are starting to laugh and smile at eachother now. I knew they were going to be BFF!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Cuteness

Sometimes if someone needs to eat and it is after 7 or so I will bring them to bed with me and feed them there. Jason gets annoyed because it is usually before his alarm goes off and he misses out on those last few minutes of sleep. But, I tell him that my alarms have already gone off (usually a couple times) and that he has to deal with it.

One day last week I was feeding Kyle in bed, and he fell asleep after. He looked so cute all covered up in the covers.

Kyle wants to show everyone his cute towel from Auntie Persis too since he didn't get to last week!

Friday night Jason and I went to Zoobilee at Cameron Park Zoo. My parents watched the boys for us while we were gone. Kyle and Mister had some tummy time! You can see the new "area rug" that now covers our living room floor. Welcome to our day care!
The boys wore this to church yesterday! How stinkin' cute! They wore big boy shoes for the first time! I was running late of course so I didn't get a picture of both of them together so just use your imagination!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Babies

The boys ate a good breakfast and then both took good naps (Kyle a little longer than Kase) so they were in really good moods this morning. I love seeing those smiles plastered across their faces!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost Lost

My mom has not transferred pictures from the digital camera to their computer in quite a while. The first group of pictures was of Jenny and her boyfriend... like five boyfriends ago! Hehe! Love ya, Jen! So when we were over at my parent's house on Father's Day I transferred all of her pictures for her and I found these two cute ones!

Look at those faces! Are you kidding me?!

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Father's Day

Father's Day started bright and early as always. After they ate Kyle and Kase played/ faught over some toys while their Dad slept in... if 8 o'clock is sleeping in!

Yes, Mom, we are sharing.

The boys gave Jason his Father's Day gift. He got a new Texas A&M t-shirt, a gift certificate to buy a new golf club (a 3 wood or something like that), and a ball and club cleaner. But, Kyle forgot to wrap it and Kase forgot to pick up a card! Maybe next year they will have it more together!

We headed over to Jason's parents' house for lunch. The boys got to play with their second cousins, Becca and Rachel.

We had to use the outside trick, but I forgot to pack hats for the boys so Dad had to share. The outside trick didn't work too long because it was so stinkin' hot outside. So back in the a/c we went!

After lunch we headed over to my parents' house. Mom took Kyle in the garage to see the new baby kitties. And Brinley had to say hello too.
I was sure to get a picture with Jason and the boys on Father's Day becuase I forgot to get one with me on Mother's Day. Such cute boys! All three of 'em!

And I tried to sneak in a family pic as well. I chose this one with Kyle's hand down my shirt over the one with a fist full of my hair in his mouth.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Kyle Sad Eyes

When Kyle cries his face gets all red and his eyes look so sad. I call him Kyle Sad Eyes when this happens. Kyle got upset when we were coming in from the car and I was getting them ready to eat. It was hot outside and he was sweating in his car seat and he must have been hungry and ready to eat. I promise he was all better when I took this picture. I'm not that mean!

See, here is proof!
And here is proof that he was really really hungry. The boys ate three cubes of food and rice cereal for dinner that night. And Kyle ate the entire cube of beets because Kase would gag on them and spit them out.
And here is Kyle Sleepy Eyes. His eyes looked so sleepy after he got up from a two hour nap the other day. I thought he looked so sweet. Check out those lashes. I'm so jealous.

Looks Like Someone Didn't Have Their V8 Today

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Because The Boys Are Still Sleeping...

...and I'd rather show off my cute kids than do some laundry or clean the house! These are just some cute pictures from the past few days.

These Things Are Great!

When I received these as a gift from my friend, Amanda, at one of my baby showers I informed everyone in attendance what they were for. I told them that you can put something like a cookie in them and the cookie won't make a mess everywhere as the kid eats it. All the moms there laughed at me because that's not exactly what they are for. They have a much more healthy function... to hold fruit! Kinda the opposite of cookies! But, I totally get it now and they are great! I've cut up a pieces of cantaloupe, peaches, and apples and put them in this cool mesh pacifier thing. They boys love to chew on them (big surprise, they chew on everything!) and suck the yummy juice from the fruit, and there is no choking hazard! Beautiful!

Thanks Auntie Persis

We love our hooded towels! They are our favorite!

Kase says thank you for both himself and Kyle. Kyle wasn't in a picture taking mood when he had to get out of the bath tub. It was 15 minutes past dinner time and he knew it!

Trying Not To Laugh At This Was Hard...

Kase was eating yellow squash. And he likes yellow squash, but he decided to put on a show for us last night instead. What a showman!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday Funday

The boys enjoyed their breakfast of sweet potatoes and rice cereal on Monday morning. The first bite of anything Kase takes is the worst thing he's ever tasted. Even if he's eaten it before and liked it. His favorite thing is sweet potatoes. He gagged on avocado, sweet peas, and green beans and then would not eat anymore. He hated the first bite of bananas, but then decided that he liked them okay.

Kase is a better eater, but Kyle is not too bad. He has pretty much caught on. He is much more willing to try new things. He likes avocado, pears and green beans. But, this is also the kid who likes the taste of Tylenol, the rotovirus vaccine and orajel.

We spend time each morning playing in the jumparoos and the Baby Einstein. They both love to jump and chew on any toy they can get to their mouth. The little teddy bear that Kyle has is a favorite. It gets so wet and disgusting from being chewed on.

Sometimes the boys wake up from naps in a very happy mood. Like on Monday! I take their swaddle blankets off and cover them with a receiving blanket that they love to get tangled up in. I turn on the aquarium toy and they watch it and play for a few minutes.
Kase loves to put his feet up on anything. He props them up on the bar in the jogging stroller, up on the wall if he is laying close enough, and up on the crib bumper like in this picture.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday Visitors

Joe, Jenny's boyfriend, drove from Houston to Waco to visit Jenny this weekend. Jenny had to work from 3pm to midnight on Saturday so Joe came over to our house for dinner and to play poker with Jason and his friends. Before dinner was ready, Joe and Kyle were watching the College World Series on TV. Kyle thought it was okay to cheer for LSU with Joe since the Aggies weren't playing.

I bet Joe thinks I'm going to embarrass him and call him Uncle Joe in this post! But I'm not!

Lala came over too and helped entertain babies and make dinner. After the boys went to bed and the poker game started she and I tried to watch a little TV... until I fell asleep! I woke up in the living room after midnight and she had gone home. It was a wild and crazy night!