Friday, May 8, 2009

Rice Cereal

I got the okay from the doctor to start the boys on rice cereal. We tried it for the first time Thursday, May 7th. It didn't really go as well in real life as it did in my head, but it made for some cute pictures!

The directions say to make it really runny the first time you feed it to them. If I did happen to get any in their mouths it just ran out down their chins.

They didn't really love it, but I'm going to keep trying at least once a day. The pedi said I could try sweet potatoes in a week. So this weekend I'm planning on making up a big batch of pureed sweet potatoes. I bought a baby food cook book while I was still pregnant and I've read up on how to make your own baby food and freeze it. I'm hoping to save a lot of money and also avoid giving them as many preservatives. I don't plan on making 100% of what they eat. There will come a point where convenience will have to take over.


JHP said...

That reminds me to send your book home with Coats tonight! Thanks for letting me borrow it!

The Bottoms Family said...

i wish i had made my own baby food! you will save a TON of money, especially with 2 babies! a jar of 4oz 1st foods is like .46! parker wasn't crazy about plain rice cereal, but liked it when i mixed it with fruits or vegetables. also he liked the rice cereal that came with either bananas or apples! good luck & yummy sweet potatoes!!! :-)