Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Trip To Kansas

We traveled to Kansas with Jason's parents over Memorial Day weekend. Jason's brother, Ben, lives in Hugoton, Kansas with his wife, Wendy, and their daughter, Madison. Madison turned one in March and had never had the chance to meet her cousins.

The drive took about 9 hours. We left Thursday night and made it about half way and then finished up the drive on Friday morning. The boys did pretty well in the car.

Ben was recently hired as the pastor of their church in Hugoton. They have a nice, big, house with a basement. Jason, the boys and I stayed down there and I don't think we woke anyone up in the middle of the night when the boys decided they wanted to eat.

It was very nice of Madison to share all of her cool toys with Kyle and Kase.
I had to look twice at this picture. It is Kase, but the way he is holding his mouth looks like Kyle.

A friend of Ben's had asked him to bottle feed some calves for him while he was out of town. We all drove out to the farm to help.

The weather was really nice. It didn't get too hot and there was always a nice breeze. We were able to eat outside a couple times.

While everyone was together in Kansas, we wanted to take some pictures together. We drove to the Walmart in the next town and suffered through these... It was one of those things that goes way better in my head than in actual real life. I hate when that happens.

This is one of the many that we did not use. Jason's eyes are closed. Does anyone watch My Name is Earl? I laugh just thinking about it! The girl taking our pictures had worked there a total of two days. She would do crazy things to try and make the kids smile, but ended up either getting in the picture or making them cry.
This is the best we got. We'll try again when they are older!

Probably the best picture taken the entire weekend...

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JHP said...

I saw some farm pics on Facebook and wondered what you kids had been up to in Kansas!