Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Promise They Did It...

Kase rolled over today from his tummy to his back. Like 4 times in a row. He did it twice today before my mom got to my house, and then he did it two more times when she was here. We set Kyle up to do it and he pretty much did, but he got distracted by a toy and didn't get all the way over.

So tonight when Jason got home I wanted to show him how they can roll over. Except they wouldn't. I was also trying to get it on video, but no one felt like performing.

Here is a video of Kase NOT rolling over.

And here is Kyle. At least you can see how nice his hair is growing in. It is so soft like silk. I rub my cheek on the top of his head all the time.

This time Kyle got distracted by his arm. He was half way over, but stopped to suck on his arm. He ended up giving himself a hickey. I took this picture of it two hours later when we were getting them ready for bed. Crazy kid!


JHP said...

Those videos just made Harper's morning--she loved watching her buddies!

Misc. Redhead said...

We tried to make Kase show me his trick yesterday too, but of course he wouldn't do it either. Loved Kyle's bottom lip suck trick though. Cracked me up!