Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Trip To Kansas

We traveled to Kansas with Jason's parents over Memorial Day weekend. Jason's brother, Ben, lives in Hugoton, Kansas with his wife, Wendy, and their daughter, Madison. Madison turned one in March and had never had the chance to meet her cousins.

The drive took about 9 hours. We left Thursday night and made it about half way and then finished up the drive on Friday morning. The boys did pretty well in the car.

Ben was recently hired as the pastor of their church in Hugoton. They have a nice, big, house with a basement. Jason, the boys and I stayed down there and I don't think we woke anyone up in the middle of the night when the boys decided they wanted to eat.

It was very nice of Madison to share all of her cool toys with Kyle and Kase.
I had to look twice at this picture. It is Kase, but the way he is holding his mouth looks like Kyle.

A friend of Ben's had asked him to bottle feed some calves for him while he was out of town. We all drove out to the farm to help.

The weather was really nice. It didn't get too hot and there was always a nice breeze. We were able to eat outside a couple times.

While everyone was together in Kansas, we wanted to take some pictures together. We drove to the Walmart in the next town and suffered through these... It was one of those things that goes way better in my head than in actual real life. I hate when that happens.

This is one of the many that we did not use. Jason's eyes are closed. Does anyone watch My Name is Earl? I laugh just thinking about it! The girl taking our pictures had worked there a total of two days. She would do crazy things to try and make the kids smile, but ended up either getting in the picture or making them cry.
This is the best we got. We'll try again when they are older!

Probably the best picture taken the entire weekend...

Memorial Day

Kyle and Kase wore their patriotic red, white, and blue on Memorial Day. They wanted to thank all of the brave men and women who have fought to protect our country, including their Great Grandpa Wardenburg.

Teething Maybe?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Different Shade of Maroon

Our friend, Julie, went to Texas A&M with Jason and got the boys multiple articles of Aggie clothing. But, she didn't want to leave ole' SWT out so she got the boys these as well.

I graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 2002 (7 years ago... Holy Cow). After I graduated, the school dropped the Southwest and became Texas State. Julie told us that when she went to the book store on campus to buy the boys some Bobcat gear she asked the girl checking her out if they still had any Southwest paraphernalia. The girl, who was probably 19, just looked at her with a blank stare. She was probably just starting junior high when Texas State was still Southwest Texas! Man, I'm old!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dirty Laundry

I was holding Kase and trying to bring in a clean load of laundry at the same time and ran out of hands. So this was my solution. Kase looks less than thrilled to be helping out with the laundry. We are going to have to change his attitude about that soon!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

4 Month Professional Pictures

A couple of weeks ago we had some more professional pictures taken of the boys. I think they turned out great. Here are some of my favorite.

You can see the rest of them as well as all the pictures I take of the boys on our shutterfly share account. I have to warn you that there are tons of pictures to look through. I don't take the time to edit out the bad ones.

And if you ever need some pictures taken for a reasonable price, consider our photographer, Rachel. She is so fun to work with. She lives in the Austin area, but could work with you in Waco the next time she comes up to take pictures of the boys.

Little Aggies

The boys are now wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month or 6 month clothes. And that means more Aggie outfits! But, don't worry Nebraska family... they will be sporting the red of the Cornhuskers soon!

Happy Babies

The boys wake up every day between 7 and 8. That hour is usually my favorite time of the day. They wake up in such good moods. I walk in their room, tell them good morning and release them from their swaddles (if they haven't escaped on their own). We laugh and talk until it is time to eat at 8.


Lala came over for a few hours today to play with babies. She helped entertain while I made sweet potatoes. The boys love their Lala!

Sweet Like Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Baby Kyle

Sweet Baby Kase

I made a batch of sweet potatoes today. It wasn't hard at all, but did take a little time. I froze most of what I made, but put a little in a bowl so that the boys could try it. I didn't get any " this taste like dirt" looks like I got with the rice cereal. And I could tell at least a couple of times that they would move the food around in their mouths and then swallow. So, I'll call that progress!

I'll try to make a batch of something new every free Saturday that I have so that there will be some variety for the boys.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Promise They Did It...

Kase rolled over today from his tummy to his back. Like 4 times in a row. He did it twice today before my mom got to my house, and then he did it two more times when she was here. We set Kyle up to do it and he pretty much did, but he got distracted by a toy and didn't get all the way over.

So tonight when Jason got home I wanted to show him how they can roll over. Except they wouldn't. I was also trying to get it on video, but no one felt like performing.

Here is a video of Kase NOT rolling over.

And here is Kyle. At least you can see how nice his hair is growing in. It is so soft like silk. I rub my cheek on the top of his head all the time.

This time Kyle got distracted by his arm. He was half way over, but stopped to suck on his arm. He ended up giving himself a hickey. I took this picture of it two hours later when we were getting them ready for bed. Crazy kid!


The boys went to their 4 month check up on Thursday, May 7th. The doctor was really impressed with their progress. Here are the stats.

Height: 25 1/4 inches
Weight: 14 lbs 11 oz.
Head: 42 cm

Height: 25 1/2 inches
Weight: 14 lbs. 6 oz.
Head: 42 1/4 cm

They also got the next round of vaccines. They got a shot in each leg and the oral rotavirus. There was less crying this time around. Such tough little boys!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rice Cereal

I got the okay from the doctor to start the boys on rice cereal. We tried it for the first time Thursday, May 7th. It didn't really go as well in real life as it did in my head, but it made for some cute pictures!

The directions say to make it really runny the first time you feed it to them. If I did happen to get any in their mouths it just ran out down their chins.

They didn't really love it, but I'm going to keep trying at least once a day. The pedi said I could try sweet potatoes in a week. So this weekend I'm planning on making up a big batch of pureed sweet potatoes. I bought a baby food cook book while I was still pregnant and I've read up on how to make your own baby food and freeze it. I'm hoping to save a lot of money and also avoid giving them as many preservatives. I don't plan on making 100% of what they eat. There will come a point where convenience will have to take over.