Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Pictures From a Random Week

And that week would be week 17. Random, huh?

The boys play in their Bumbo chairs now. I try to get them in there at least once a day. I have irrational fears about them getting flat heads from laying on their backs too much and having to wear those helmets. They make little trays that fit on to the Bumbo. I think I need to go get a couple to set their toys on.

A Kase face.

I though this was too cute.

"Whatcha reading?"

This past weekend Jason went to Houston for a craw fish boil at Joe's, Jenny's boyfriend, house so the boys and I stayed at my parents house. They had been storing the huge box that this toy came in. The boys asked their Mister if he would put it together for them. He did and they have enjoyed playing in it.
Kase still in his church clothes

And also over the weekend Kase showed his Mister his new trick. He was chewing (as always) on a teething ring and somehow flipped it up on his nose and it hung there.

That crazy Kase

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JHP said...

I have one tray you can use...

Cute pics!