Monday, April 20, 2009

Kyle and Kase Hate Breast Cancer

Last Saturday was the Central Texas Race for the Cure. I've been excited about participating with the boys since the first time we took a stroll in the jogging stroller. I even ordered pink onesies for the boys that say "Real Men Wear Pink" when they were only a few weeks old in anticipation for the event.

So when the weathermen predicted rain I was disappointed, but hopeful that they would be wrong. They were pretty right on with the forecast, but luckily the rain held off just long enough to finish the 5K trek. It rained on the drive to the start line, dried up during the race, and then poured on the drive home.

Kyle and Kase excited about the race.
Harper is ready to run.
Not just anyone can pull off a pink onesie!
Harper was all tuckered out after the race.

All a little wet, but happy to support the cause.


Mandi said...

i LOVE those onesies! too cute!

JHP said...

There onesies were too cute! Good times, good times!

JHP said...

There onesies? Didn't I mean "their" onesies? Blonde moments and mom brain appear to be a dangerous combination!