Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Enough To...

...jump in the Jumperoo.

Kyle hung out in the jumperoo for almost 45 minutes the other morning. That is like 4 hours in baby time. Kase likes it too, but tires more quickly. I need to get the other one out of the box so that they can jump together. outside.

Sunday morning we had a hour to kill before it was time to eat again. Which means I had to find a way to keep two babies occupied and their minds' off their next meal. I put a blanket down in the front yard in the shade and brought out some toys to play with. Both boys really like being outside and the change of scenery. Kyle loves looking at the leaves on the trees when they blow in the wind.

...snuggle with a lovey.

Everything is going to the mouth these days. And the lovey is no exception. Both boys will pull it up to their face and chew on it. They also like to play peek a boo with them. Its so sweet.

...sit in the Bumbo chair.

And read books too! Kyle can last longer in the Bumbo than Kase, but they both like sitting in them. You just have to catch them in the right mood. Both boys love to be held and when they are in a "hold me" mood there is no other acceptable alternative. I wish I could hold them both all day every day. I just love my sweet cuddly babies!

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