Monday, April 6, 2009

100th Post

This is my 100th post. I should come up with something clever to write about, but really I just have some cute random pictures from the past week.

A very happy Kyle! We probably just finished eating.

Kase and Dad hanging out in the Man Cave (the garage). I love how packages of diapers have taken over the poker table in the back ground! That pretty much sums it all up these days!
Aunt Enny comes over and helps out on her days off. She's a workin' woman now!

A cute one of Kase. The boys like us to walk around with them instead of sitting when they are fussy. I think Jason must have been taking a break and leaning on the back of the chair. Tricked him!
Mister and Kyle. Look at the difference in the size of their hands!

Kyle kicking butt at holding his head up. He is one strong baby!

Kase looks so grown up in his collared shirt. This must have been before he gave up on tummy time and buried his head in the boppy pillow.

Mom, please dress us already. This is embarrassing!

Madagascar was on TV the other night and I recorded it... for the boys of course! Kase watched it for a little bit with me this morning.

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