Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Do You Tell Them Apart?

The boys are not identical twins. They were formed from two eggs and two sperm and each had their own sacs in the womb. They are really just brothers who happen to be the exact same age.

When we all go out in public I get lots of looks from people and some will stop to talk and ask questions. It hasn't got too annoying yet, but give it time. I can't really blame them though... they are so cute, and I would want to stop and look at them too! One of the first questions is usually "Are they twins?" I'm kinda like "Duh!" The second question is usually "How do you tell them apart?" And again, I'm kinda like "Duh!" But, I have to remember that I'm their Mom and I see them all day, every day.

So here it is, all spelled out, for any of you who still get a little confused as to who is who!

Kase has brown eyes (like his mama). His skin color is darker and his hair is longer (and crazier).

Kyle has blue eyes (like his Aunt Megan and Cousin Madison). His skin color is lighter and his hair is shorter (and old man like!). His ears are also big(ger).

I think they have the same chins, but their chubby cheeks and the shape of their heads are different. Kase has always weighed more (except at birth), but because Kyle still asks for his middle of the night feeding and Kase would rather sleep through it, they are about the same weight now. And if you want to cheat... Kyle always has the blue passy and Kase has the green one.

So there it is! So different, but oh, so cute!

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