Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Do You Tell Them Apart?

The boys are not identical twins. They were formed from two eggs and two sperm and each had their own sacs in the womb. They are really just brothers who happen to be the exact same age.

When we all go out in public I get lots of looks from people and some will stop to talk and ask questions. It hasn't got too annoying yet, but give it time. I can't really blame them though... they are so cute, and I would want to stop and look at them too! One of the first questions is usually "Are they twins?" I'm kinda like "Duh!" The second question is usually "How do you tell them apart?" And again, I'm kinda like "Duh!" But, I have to remember that I'm their Mom and I see them all day, every day.

So here it is, all spelled out, for any of you who still get a little confused as to who is who!

Kase has brown eyes (like his mama). His skin color is darker and his hair is longer (and crazier).

Kyle has blue eyes (like his Aunt Megan and Cousin Madison). His skin color is lighter and his hair is shorter (and old man like!). His ears are also big(ger).

I think they have the same chins, but their chubby cheeks and the shape of their heads are different. Kase has always weighed more (except at birth), but because Kyle still asks for his middle of the night feeding and Kase would rather sleep through it, they are about the same weight now. And if you want to cheat... Kyle always has the blue passy and Kase has the green one.

So there it is! So different, but oh, so cute!

What is Kyle Looking At?

We always noticed that Kyle likes to look at black and white images. We have several black and white pictures hanging in the house and Kyle would get fixed on them. He loves looking at the black and white checkered floor in the kitchen and he will stare at the black trim on my white robe. I also noticed that he would stare up at the black shelf over the diaper changing station in their bedroom. I think he likes the black contrast of the shelf against the white of the ceiling.

I got the idea to tape some black and white images to the bottom of the shelf. I was going to google some and print them out, but I found these three patterns in a brochure that Huggies sent out. I cut them out and now the diaper changing station is Kyle's second favorite place to hang out (the first being the bathroom!). He has gotten better about it, but Kyle used to be really fussy in the evenings. Sometimes laying him down and letting him stare at his black and while pictures would be the only thing that would calm him down.

I also bought two board books with black and while images that he likes. One stays in the diaper bag so I can pull it out if he ever gets fussy when we are out and about.

We have known for a while that Kyle likes the sound of the fan in the bathroom. So, while shopping for Kyle's books on I found a CD that plays 71 minutes of constant fan noise. It's so awesome. It plays on repeat non-stop in their room.

Oh, the things I will do for these boys!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Too Little

The other day, while Kyle was taking a nap and Kase refused to go down, I got out one of the Jumpster toys. I've had images of the boys playing and jumping in these since before they were born. I put Kase in the jumpster to see if he was big enough to play, but I think it will be a couple more months before they can really enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week 10

Kase just exhausted after a diaper change

Kyle does more that just sleep in the bathroom. Monday night he was having a ball hitting and kicking this toy hanging from his bouncy seat.

This week I have started working on sticking to a schedule so that when I go back to work I can come home and nurse the boys over lunch. As of now they eat at 6:30, 9:30, 12:30, 3:30, 6:00, and 8:30. Then the goal is to get them both to sleep in their crib. I try to get to bed by 9:30. I'm also working on getting them to sleep through the night. They have slept up to 7 hours two different times. My goal is to have only one middle of the night feeding at 3:30.

The first night Kyle woke up at 1:30 am. I changed his diaper and was able to get him back to sleep in twenty minutes or so. He woke up again at 2:30. I held him while he went in and out of sleep for thirty minutes, and then I gave in at 3:00 and fed both of them. I've mastered the double feed so now the entire process takes 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how long it takes to get them to go back to sleep. I'm pretty sure I had to wake Kase up that night. That's got to be the hardest thing when breast feeding twins... having to wake a peaceful, sleeping baby. But, I have to keep them on the same schedule or I'll never get good sleep. I probably lost out on some sleep this night, but I'm hoping it helps in the long run.

The next night was similar and I ended up giving in again at 3:00. But, the third night... oh, the third night! I bounced out of bed at 3:31 am when I heard crying for the first time that night. And then last night they didn't wake up until after 4:00. I'm using an alternate schedule today because the boys and I are meeting some friends for lunch and they usually eat at 12:30. So today the boy's lunch will be at 11:15 so I will have plenty of time to feed them and get us all to lunch on time.

Before the last feeding of the day at 8:30 we make sure the boys have clean diapers and swaddle them in their swaddle blankets before they start eating. They usually fall asleep when they are done eating so the plan is to burp them and slip them into bed for the night without waking them up. This only works some of the time. At least one of them will wake up a few minutes after laying them down. Sometimes they need to get an extra burp out, and then they will fall back to sleep in your arms so you can set them back down in the crib. And sometimes Kase will decide that he is wide awake so we will try the swing. That usually puts in to sleep after a while so he ends up sleeping in the swing sometimes.

I try to get to bed by 10 so if one of them wakes up after I go to bed Jason gets them back to sleep. I found this picture that I didn't take on the camera. I'm thinking it was kind of Jason's trophy from the night. Later he told me that after he got Kase to go to sleep for the fifth time, Kyle woke up crying around midnight. He changed his diaper, sang a song (with no words) to him, and rocked him back to sleep. I just can't believe he was brave enough to risk waking them up again by taking a picture with a flash. But, I totally understand the feeling of accomplishment when you can look down and see this.

Any pro moms out there have any advice or tips they want to share? I'm very open to suggestions.

Kyle, the Jungle Cat

The other night Kyle was being fussy so Jason was walking around with him, trying to find the one position that Kyle decided was best. This was it. Jason told him he was laying like a jungle cat lays in a tree.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Seriously, how cute are these?

They each have 6 pair in different colors! Love them!

PS: I'm able to post so many blogs in one day because the boys are taking the longest nap ever! And yes, Kyle is in the bathroom! I should take a nap myself, but I'm sure I'll find a million other things to do instead... like laundry! I'm cutting myself off from blogging for now though!

Week 10 Pictures

Check out our new threads! Last weekend Jason's Aunt hosted a meet and greet for his side of the family. They got lots of new clothes. The boys are getting big enough to wear pants now! I love it! I think they look so cute and I love getting them dressed.

Kase taking a nap in the new swing. I wanted to make sure both boys liked hanging out in a swing before I got a second. Now there is even less floor space in our living room.

Kyle learning that he has hands and that they can grasp things! My hair will forever be in a pony tail from now on.

Yeah, I'm going to be that Mom who dresses her kids alike! Deal with it!

Kyle giving a little support to Kase.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Longer Newborns?

How did this happen? The boys' newborn clothes are getting too small. They are wearing size 0-3 months now. As soon as we go through the last two packages of newborn diapers (about 5 days worth) I'm going to start in on the size 1. My babies are growing up!

Kyle and Kase had their two month doctor visit on Tuesday, March 3. It was one day before they turned 9 weeks old. This was also the first round of vaccines. They did pretty well. I'm sure it was worse for me that it was for them. Jason went with me to the appointment and we decided that he would help hold them down and I would be the comforter after the shots were given. I think he knew that was the only role I could handle. They each got two shots in one leg and one in the other and also an oral vaccine, which Kyle LOVED! He was slurping that stuff up.

Kyle's Stats

22 inches long
9 lbs. 8 oz.
head: 38.5 cm

Kase's Stats

23 inches
10 lbs. 5 oz.
head: 38.75 cm

Some cute recent pictures. Kase on the left, Kyle on the right.

Kase rockin' the pin stripes.
Ole Harper holding hands with Kase.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For Cari...

...who likes to think that Kase is named after Floyd Casey Stadium!
The boys aren't really Baylor Bear fans. But if they were, they would be the cutest!

And would you look at those feet?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Whatever Works...

Kyle likes to sleep in the bathroom with the fan on. So we let him... don't judge!

2 Month Pictures

Two month pictures were actually easier to take than one month. The boys can sit up better and if we make enough silly faces and noises they will even crack a smile.