Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Month Old

I can't believe that one month has gone by. I actually remembered to take the boys' monthly chair pictures. Kyle on the left, Kase on the right. Believe it or not this is the best picture I got. It was much easier to get them to stay somewhere when they were only days old. They now wiggle around and let you know when they are not happy.

Kyle isn't too much bigger than he was a month ago, but he is getting stronger. He does really well at tummy time and likes to hold his head up. He is a good sleeper. He calls his own shots and likes to do things his way. This is the one of the last pictures of Kyle with his cord stump. Minutes after the picture was taken it fell off. His new belly button is too cute.

Kase is a good eater and is gaining weight. His little chicken legs are filling out. Kase is usually more laid back. He keeps us cracking up with his funny faces. Today he has demanded to be held all day long, but that's okay with me... he likes to cuddle!


JenHowePeel said...

Does this mean they are ready for some fun bath time?? :)

JenHowePeel said...

Umm, you haven't blogged in like ten days. Get with the program! ;)