Thursday, January 22, 2009

3 Weeks Old

The boys turned 3 weeks old yesterday. Miss Harper came over for cake and ice cream and a little play time. Surprise, surprise, Harper lost her pants yet again!

Then she decided to flirt with Kyle and take his pacci.

Even at 3 weeks old the boys are very different. The physical difference are easy to see. They have different coloring. Kase's hair is longer and crazier. Kyle's hair always lays down perfectly. But, there are other differences as well. Kase caught on to nursing easier than Kyle did. Kyle likes things his way, and Kase is more laid back. Kyle is usually a better sleeper. Kase likes to fall asleep in your arms, but then wakes up when you set him down in the crib.

I was relaying that last bit of information to my friend, Lora, yesterday. She told me that she and her husband used to sleep their son in his boppy so that he still felt like he was being held. After the next feeding I tried that with Kase and it worked like a charm. He slept solid for a couple of hours. We have been using the boppy in the crib ever since. It still seems to be working! He looks pretty content, if you ask me!

After Harper left and while Kase was still sleeping, Kyle was checking out a few of the toys he will be able to play with very soon. Sweet, sweet babies!

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