Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 Week Doctor Visit

My Mom and I took the boys for their 2 week check up on Thursday, Jan 15. That will be the last appointment that I schedule for 8:30. We got the boys ready to go in time, but I had to leave the house with no make up and a pony tail. I hope I remembered to brush my teeth. Kyle on the left, Kase on the right.

Kase's Stats:

20 inches long

6.6 lbs. I hate that they don't give me ounces. I did the math and it comes to 6 lbs. 9.6 oz.

head: 35 cm

Kyle's Stats:

20 inches long

6.5 lbs. That's an easy one... 6 lbs. 8 oz.

head: 34.3 cm

After the appointment at the doctor's office we had to go to Providence to get their second PKU test. What a pain! We had to go through admitting for the simple lab procedure. You would not believe the amount of paper work required... times two. When it was finally our turn at the lab, my Mom took Kyle in while I waited with Kase. The test requires a heel prick and blood to be smeared over five circles printed on a piece of paper. I could hear Kyle screaming from where I was waiting with Kase. It broke my heart, but by the time he was out he had calmed down. I took Kase back and prepared myself for the crying that was about to happen. Kase did cry when his heel was pricked, but he had fallen asleep before the second circle was smeared with blood. Such a brave little man!

Their two month appointment is scheduled for March 3rd. They have to get shots at that one. I've already told Jason that he has to come with me. I hope I don't cry more than the boys do.

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