Thursday, December 11, 2008

The nursery

I promised more nursery pictures a while back so now I'm delivering.

The two cribs. Kyle's on the left, Kase's on the right. I think they will probably share a crib in the beginning. I'll have to see if they sleep better together or apart. Don't mind the stack of Christmas presents on the floor. I didn't put up a tree this year so all the presents got stashed in the boys' room.

One of the two mobiles that my mom bought for the boys. They play a lullaby version of the fight song! The longhorn version is pretty cute for all of you Texas fans out there. Sorry, but the Baylor one is pretty freaky!
Kase's crib and bunny rabbit. Can you make out his name on the bunny's ear? Too cute!

Two of the three curtains that my sister, Jenny, made for the boys. Open wounds aren't the only thing she can stitch up! And I have to thank my other sister, Megan, for working with my Dad to hang them. She got to practice her mind reading skills while working with the Great Communicator!
On the left, the artwork I commissioned Jenny to paint. And on the right, a print of John David Crow, Texas A&M's only Heisman winner. Yes, I'm aware of the brain washing that is about to take place!

A batting helmet and bat that Jason "acquired" while in college and a print of Tony Romo that looks nothing like Tony Romo. And I'll have you know that the changing pad is securely fastened to the back of the dresser. I'm a safety girl! Thanks Dad! There is a cover for it on its way from Target. It should be here any day.
I found this little sign at the Deck the Halls market a few weeks ago. Pretty cute!

There are a few more finishing touches to complete, but we are getting there. I don't think I would feel completely unprepared if the boys were to show up now. But, I will definitely take another weekend to work on things.

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