Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Mom, the painter

I purchased our house almost four years ago. And back then it looked quite a bit different than it does now. My parents and I worked for months to remodel it. Just about every surface in the house got a make over. All the walls were textured and painted, a beadboard ceiling was installed in the kitchen and dining room, all interior doors were replaced, new base boards put down, all new light fixtures, new floors in the bathrooms and kitchen, and every cabinet in the kitchen was pulled out and remade to my specification. Friends and family members helped after work and on weekends for months. We finally got to a point where I was able to move in. I had all the essentials... and the essentials did not include cabinet doors. I lived with out them for about two years and then hired a cabinet maker to make the doors. A cabinet maker who makes cabinets but does not paint them. I started to paint them and then stopped. There were much better things to do at the time. Like plan a wedding... or really anything else besides paint cabinet doors.

After we found out I was pregnant, my Mom decided that we could not bring babies home to a house with unpainted or missing cabinet doors. And because it was unsafe for me to breathe in the paint fumes, my Mom took it upon her self to finish painting all of the doors. Our house is by no means big, but it has tons of cabinet doors. 38 to be exact. And my Mom primed, sanded, and painted almost all of them for me. And she did an awesome job!

She finished up the painting last weekend. My parents came over and Jason helped my Dad hang and install knobs on all the doors. The project is finally finished! And I love how it looks. Somehow I think that it makes the kitchen look larger.

So if you are looking for a good painter, I know someone. But, I'm not giver her name and number out. I'm sure she is ready to hang up her paint brush for a while.

Thank you, Mom for this and every other selfless thing you do for us. Painting cabinet doors is one of the many ways you give of yourself to others. And that is something that makes you a great mom... a mom I hope to be like one day! Love you!

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JenHowePeel said...

I'm glad you gave a little credit to the friends that helped out, too! I remember a certain someone that traveled from San Marcos to Waco on many a weekend to donate her time and energy! :)

Looks great, by the way.