Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday, Dec 12 Doctor's Appointment

We went back to the doctor on Friday. It was much less eventful than I thought it would be. I was under the impression that the fluid levels were something that needed to be closely monitored. But, when we saw Dr. Moore on Friday he said our numbers from the last ultrasound were good and we didn't even need to check them again. He measured both boy's heartbeats and checked for dilation. I'm still only at a one. And I'd like to stay there.

We go back again this Friday and we will schedule the c-section for between 37 and 38 weeks... between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. I think we will ask for Monday, December 29. I like that day because it is after Christmas, but sooner rather than later. Jason likes that day because we will be home from the hospital in time for bowl games on New Year's Day. He still thinks there will be time to watch football! Ha!

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JenHowePeel said...

Oh, I laugh at your football comment. There might be football playing on the TV, but his weary eyes will likely be glazed over in exhaustion from life with not one, but two, babies!