Friday, December 26, 2008

Dr. Appointment on Wednesday, Dec 24th

Our appointment this week was on Wednesday because the office was closed Thursday and Friday for the Christmas holiday. And I was scheduled to see the Nurse Practitioner because Dr. Moore was either not working that day or was booked up.

A nurse took my blood pressure and it was out of control high. Everyone kinda freaked out, but settled down after there was no protein in my urine. The NP did want me to be monitored for a while though. I had never had to do that before so I was trying to watch everyone else and go with the flow. Three other ladies and I got to relax in some comfy recliners with monitors strapped around our bellies. I got an extra monitor because I had an extra baby.

The nurse gave the girl to my left the remote to let her pick a tv station to enjoy while we waited. She landed on MTV and the season finale of The Hills was playing. She asked me if I watched the show and I had to admit that I did. I had actually finished the second half of that episode on the DVR while putting on make up that morning. My blood pressure was checked a few more times. It came down a little each time. It probably would have been better, but that Spencer on The Hills really makes my blood boil! Ugh, what a jerk!

After 15 minutes, the NP checked my print out and said that the boy's looked wonderful. She wanted me to come back on Monday to see Dr. Moore one more time and told me to officially start bed rest... on Christmas Eve. Yeah, that would go well!

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