Friday, December 26, 2008

Dr Appointment on Friday, Dec 19

Surprise, Surprise! Behind again!

Last week we went to our regular doctor appointment. It was an easy in and out appointment. Dr. Moore checked both boys' heart rates. Good. My blood pressure was good and I actually lost TWO pounds! That appointment was after a week of half days of bed rest. I'm thinking it did wonders for my swelling.

This was also the appointment when we would schedule my c-section. Dr. Moore knew we wanted to have the boys in 2008 to get our tax credits. Nothing like punking the government! Almost better than spending our stimulus checks on vacation in the Dominican Republic! Anyway, at one point during the appointment Dr. Moore left the office to go get a nurse. When he came back he had a piece of paper in his hand with instructions on when to show up to the hospital. He told us he had to do some bargaining with Labor and Delivery to get us in on December 31st. Jason and I were hoping for December 29th, but after a comment like that we figured we should take what we had been given. So unless the boys decided to come early, they will forever share their birthday with New Year's Eve. And Jason still thinks he will be able to watch bowl games on the TV in our hospital room.

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T. Hamden said...

Boy, do I have some NEWS for Jason!

Best of luck to you guys -- and happy holidays! Those boys are going to turn your world on its head...and you're going to absolutely LOVE it! Congrats!