Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dr. Appointment, Monday, December 29th

Our last doctor appointment! There was a small chance that if my blood pressure was high or if something else was wrong that we would have a c-section that day. My mom and sister had checked my bp every day since the last appointment and it was always good so I didn't think that the 29th would be the boys' birthday. We brought our bags along just in case!

My blood pressure was normal and my weight stayed the same. I gained 55 pounds total! I saw Dr. Moore and he measured both heartbeats and found that I am still dilated to a one. I'm not sure if I have had any contractions. My belly gets hard sometime, but I don't really know the difference between contractions and babies moving and stretching out. If they are contractions, they don't hurt and they don't happen close together so they must be of the mild variety. So we escaped from the doctor office one last time and will see Dr. Moore again at the hospital on Wednesday.

Today is the last day for the rest of our lives that Jason and I won't be parents. That is just crazy for me to think about. Lara made us a delicious dinner last night and we have plans to go to dinner with our parents tonight for our last supper. Its like the calm before the storm! Bring it on. I am so ready for this!


JenHowePeel said...

Get rrrrrrrrrready!

Mandi said...

congratulations for carrying those babies so long girl! ya'll are all in my prayers tommorow! life is about to get very interesting =)

Rebecca Pappas said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!!! Good luck!