Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Doctor Appointments

I have gotten behind on posting about our doctor visits. We are going so often now that it is hard to stay on top of them.

Last Thursday, the 4th, we went in for an ultrasound. The boys were due to be measured again. It had been 5 weeks since they took measurements to estimate their weights. The ultrasound tech measured the length of the femur bone, the circumference of the belly, and the circumference of the head, and the computer came up with an estimated weight for each baby. I was blown away when she told us that Kyle weighed 5 lbs and 6 oz. and Kase weighed 5 lbs. and 8 oz. That is two measly ounces shy of 11 pounds of baby. At that point, I was feeling a bit like Wonder Woman! I was able to grow my boys over 5 pounds each! No preemie clothes here!

While looking in on the boys, the tech also wanted to measure the fluid levels. She was able to find two good size pockets of fluid, but could not be certain that they were in separate sacs. The boys are so smashed together in my belly that it is getting hard to tell what belongs to who. She was able to see that Kyle was practicing his breathing. Then she showed us how his chest was moving in and out.

Dr. Moore had to go deliver a baby, so he just poked his head in the ultrasound room before he left. He watched the screen for a while and determined that everything looked good, but that we should come back on Monday for another fluid check. I was supposed to drink tons of fluids and be aware of the babies' movements throughout the day. My blood pressure was good and I actually lost a pound. More than likely the difference can be explained by the fact that our appointment was before lunch instead of after like it usually is, but at this point I'll take what I can get!

We were told to not be surprised that at one of these appointments, if something didn't look quite right, we would be sent over to the hospital to possibly deliver. That freaked me out just a little bit. So far "pack a bag" had only made it on to my to do list. It had yet to be crossed off.

Fast forward to Monday, the 8th. We started off with the ultrasound to measure fluid levels. The ultrasound tech said that they looked good, but we still had to get approval from Dr. Moore. While waiting to see Dr. Moore, he got called again to go deliver a baby. Sheesh, what is up with that? We were seen by a nurse practitioner instead. She looked at my chart and the measurements that were taken during the ultrasound. She said the numbers were good, but not great so she wanted to take a look at the pictures. Once she had her hands on that information she said that the pictures conveyed a better situation than just the number measurements. She also checked me and let us know that I was dilated to a 1 and was 50% effaced. That was more news that freaked me out just a little bit. Not long after, Dr. Moore was back and gave us the okay to go. I got the same instructions to drink plenty of fluids.

We go back Friday to do it all again. We really need to be sent home after that appointment because my sister, Jenny, is graduating from Physician Assistant school in Galveston on Friday. She and my parents won't be back until Saturday afternoon. So, you better believe I am drinking my weight in water these days. I don't feel like Friday is my day to have babies though... so much that I scheduled my last pregnancy massage, a pedicure, and a haircut all for Saturday. But, if you could cross your fingers just in case, I would appreciate it!

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JenHowePeel said...

I was wondering if you were ever gonna post again! You were beginning to take after my poor blogging habits! Hehe...

Good to hear some news on the boys. Give them a pat "hello" for me! :)