Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blogging from Bed

I started working half days at work on Monday of this week. Jason asked about it at the last doctor appointment and Dr. Moore said it would be a good idea. He said the more time I spend horizontal the less swelling I will have.

I took the morning off on Monday and slept until 9. I was up several times throughout the night so it was nice to get to catch up on sleep. The rest of the morning I spent in bed, filling out the boys' baby books. I ordered a set of baby books for twins a few months ago and hadnt had a chance to mess with them. There are some really cute pages about when we found out we were having twins and about my pregnancy. I wanted to get as much filled out ahead of time as possible.

I could really tell a difference in my ankles after laying in bed for an extra 4 hours. By the end of the day they were swollen again, but not as bad as they can be. It is actually really hard to stay in bed instead of do things around the house, but I am trying to remember that I won't have this quiet time to myself again for a VERY long time. And resting now will help me get to my goal of 37 weeks.

I actually have a to do list to accomplish while in bed this week. I need to finish up writing thank you notes for all of the wonderful baby gifts that we have gotten. I want to read a book I bought a long time ago on raising and breastfeeding twins. And I have a few blogs to write. And I won't deny that I snuck in a few naps here and there!

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