Friday, November 14, 2008

A few more random bits...

Last night when we got home from work there was a package waiting on the front steps. It was a baby gift from my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Jeff. They live in Nebraska along with the majority of the rest of my extended family. As soon as I opened the first flap of the box I knew what they had sent!
In the card, Brenda had written that she looked long and hard for some Texas A&M gear, but couldn't find any! I bet! Looks like the boys will be Husker fans as well!

Also, last night I was able to finish up the embroidery for the boys' bedding. The lady making the bedding called me yesterday to tell me that the sheets and bumpers are finished. The bed skirts are done as well, but I had ordered some rick rack to add to them and it hasn't been shipped yet. Apparently, no one carries maroon rick rack in stores. So, today at lunch I'm going to meet her to pick up the sheets and bumbers and drop off the fleece to make into the blankets.

**Note** The fleece is actually maroon and not pink like it looks in the picture. I'm in need a new camera and plan to buy one soon. A good one too! I've got two babies to take pictures of very soon!

And probably the most excting thing that happened last night... We felt a foot! Kyle must have been streching his legs because his little foot was literally sticking out of my belly. Jason and I both felt it with our hands and you could see it sticking out as well. I should have snapped a picture, but it was after 10 when it happened and I don't think so quickly around that time of day.

And one last thing that I forgot to report from our doctor's appointment on Wednesday... I am measuring 40 weeks pregnant now. Of course, that measurement is if I was only having one baby. So, I would be ready to go if I was having a singleton. Instead, I hope to hang on to them for at least 6 more weeks.

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RaJen said...

Hi there, I saw your comment on my post about making baby food and wanted to thank you for checking in and commenting. I share with you in your anticipation of the arrival of Kyle & Kase. I remember those feelings, feeling a foot here, a bum there from within the belly. I look forward to seeing photos when they're on the outside!