Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Take a look at what almost made me pee my PJ's...

Lola. But, not just Lola.

The second thing I do each morning (after a bathroom stop) is feed the dog and play fetch with her. Lola is a fetch playing machine. She would play until her legs fell off, all four of them. This morning I took her outside and told her to go find her fetch ball. There are always two of them somewhere in the jungle that is our back yard. She usually makes a lap, finds one of the balls, and brings it to me to play. She can even find them when it is dark outside, like it was this morning.

This morning instead of bringing me a ball, she trotted up to the patio where I was standing with a dead squirrel in her mouth. I freaked out. I hate anything small and fast and I especially hate dead small, fast things. I squealed and ran inside and locked the door. She didn't get to play fetch this morning. I hate when she forgets to act like a lady.

When Jason got up I told him about the squirrel, and later he walked outside with a plastic bag to get rid of it. Except he couldn't find the disgusting thing, and now he thinks I'm crazy. But, I'm not. I don't know what she did with it, but I know I saw it in her mouth. Ugh, sick!

In less grotesque news, Jason and I went to the first of our childbirth classes last night. We had about an hour of instruction and then got to tour the Labor and Delivery floor. The class is 5 weeks long, but we got permission to skip class next week. That lesson is all about breathing and pain management, which we won't need because I'm having a c-section. Our anniversary is next Monday, so that works out nicely!

Another doctor appointment and big ultrasound tomorrow! I can't wait to see how much the boys have grown!

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JenHowePeel said...

Haha...you do hate small and fast things. Short things, too, like Jimmy Sciacca! :)