Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All a bit random...

Jason and I had a great time celebrating our anniversary last night. Almost two years ago, on the night Jason proposed, we ate dinner at Olive Garden while his friend, Michael, was setting up candles and roses back at our house. I love thinking about that night. It was so special. So, for memory's sake we went back to Olive Garden last night. After dinner we opened all the notes everyone had written us at our rehearsal dinner. Some of them were too funny. Megan, Rachel Warren, Jen Pitts, and Scotty Browder all predicted that we would have a baby on the way by the time we read their notes. Have you guys always had these psychic abilities? No one mentioned the twins thing though! After the notes we cut into the cake that had been in the freezer for the past year. It was surprisingly good! I may have had two pieces!

Back in August, for my birthday, I received three gift certificates for pregnancy massages. I made an appointment today to use one this Saturday. The description says it will do wonders for my achy, swollen feet. It can't hurt, that's for sure! Thinking of the massage on Saturday will help get me through the rest of this week. I can't wait!

I found someone to make the boy's crib bedding and I'm so excited. She wants to have both sets done by Thanksgiving so I am in a rush to pick out fabrics now. JoAnn's is having a great sale this week so if I have enough energy left after work I'm going to go by there and make some decisions. I have a feeling that I will need a second opinion (Lara, are you reading this!?) so it may take more than one trip!

My belly must be getting big enough that strangers are not afraid to assume that I'm pregnant and not just carrying extra weight around my midsection. Three different times over the past weekend strangers made comments about me being pregnant. They were all very friendly comments that struck up nice conversations. Its actually nice to be at this stage. But, I wonder what kind of comments I will get 2 months from now when I'll be measuring well over 40 weeks pregnant (with a singleton). I hope they are as friendly!

My friend, Jenn Higgins, delivered boy/girl twins last week at 35 weeks. The babies spent a few days in the NICU, but they were all released on Sunday. Then at their first pediatrician appointment yesterday both of their temperatures were too low so they had to be admitted back into the hospital. Please keep Jenn, her husband, Chris, and those sweet babies in your prayers. I'm sure they are all ready to be healthy and back at home. Here is a picture of Michael and Mackenzie.
Our next doctors appointment with ultrasound is a week from tomorrow.

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JenHowePeel said...

CUTE babies!
Howe was the massage?