Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two Boys!

I have quickly become out numbered! Its just me and the dog, and she doesn't even have all of her girl parts!

Jason and I went to our 20 week appointment and also the big ultrasound this afternoon. It took forever for the morning to pass. We were so excited to find out the genders.

The ultrasound tech was super nice. She giggled the entire time at how much both babies were moving. She started taking measurements on Baby A and was able to announce within a few seconds that A is a boy. A very proud boy! Jason literally did a fist pump and yelled "YES" in the little room. Baby A's heart rate was 145 and his head was really low.

The tech could tell we were dying to know the sex of Baby B so she took a look for us. And just as quickly, she was able to tell us that Baby B is a boy as well. Jason looked like a kid on Christmas morning! Baby B's heart rate was 137. His head started out hiding under my left ribs, but then he did a flip and his head was on my right side. He should have stayed where he was because once he flipped around, Baby A kept kicking him in the head.

She told us both fluid levels looked good, good hearts, good spines. A good report all around. They weigh one pound each and were measuring one week ahead of schedule. They both have long legs and HUGE feet. The tech could not believe it. I measured 28 weeks if I was only having one baby.

Now some quotes to capture the mood of the day...

Jason to the Ultrasound Tech: "Can you estimate how big they will be around college age. I need to know what positions to start teaching them."

Jason to someone on his cell phone after the appointment: " Yeah, kids at other schools will say oh no, we have to play the Coats boys this week."

Me: " Oh, think about how much they are going to eat!"

Jason to anyone who would listen: "Do you think it is a coincidence that A&M's offensive line is lacking this year? Hold on Aggies, we're coming."

Jason to me in the doctor's office: "We're going to have to start eating better once they are here. No more queso." Um, I'm calling b.s. on that one!

It was such a fun and exciting day! I'll remember it forever! The day I found out that I'll be a mom to two boys!


JenHowePeel said...

Holy queso! What is Coats thinking!?

Mandi said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Two little boys! So exciting!