Monday, September 22, 2008

I got the call from the Waco ToysRUs that the baby furniture made it there last Friday. And I could tell by the phone call that they hardly knew what was going on there. Those suspicions were confirmed on Sunday when we went to pick it all up. The customer service representative told me that they almost sent it all back to the Austin store because they didn't know who it was for. She said they didn't because they eventually found the bright blue piece of paper with my information on it attached to the outside of one of the boxes. Probably the point of the bright blue piece of paper! Ugh, I hate that store!

So Sunday afternoon, my mom and refugee sister came over to help clear out the guest bedroom and transform it into a nursery for two baby boys. (Small side note-- Jenny found out that she gets to go back to Galveston to survey the damage to her apartment this Wednesday. She heard from friends that she has at least two broken windows. She and my Mom are driving down there Wednesday morning to clean up, clear out the refrigerator, and try to cover up the broken windows. They have to be headed back home by 6 pm because of the mandatory curfew. She doesn't expect to have power at her apartment for a few weeks, but classes will resume next Monday, the 29th. Not sure how she is going to work that one!)

Jenny's boyfriend, Jarrod, was also over, watching football with Jason. We borrowed the boys for a while to help with the heavy lifting, but once we got all the boxes inside the ladies took over. Thankfully, the dresser came assembled. Jenny, Mom and I went to work on the first crib. I read the instructions and pointed out the different pieces as Jenny and Mom put them together. We were quite the team. And it was nice being able to complete the task without any screaming, yelling, or cuss words. I'm not so sure that would have happened if my Dad or Jason were involved! Once finished putting the two cribs together, we did a little furniture rearranging to find the best place for everything. The room is small, but we got the two cribs, dresser, glider, and ottoman to fit quite nicely.

There is still plenty to do. I need to replace the curtains with some room darkening shades of some sort. And I haven't really made any progress on the bedding. Maybe, I'll visit the fabric stores this weekend.

When we were finished, I was sitting in the glider, taking a little breather and both boys started moving and kicking up a storm. I think they were trying to tell us that they liked their new room. Jenny was able to feel a nice strong kick from Baby B, and my Mom could feel Baby A rearranging and getting comfortable.

I really love feeling them move around inside me. I can be having the worst possible day, and a tiny little kick will turn my frown upside down. It's such an amazing feeling and it makes me sad to think about not feeling it ever again just three months from now. But for now, I will relish in the fact that God has allowed me to grow two tiny humans inside me. It's all such an amazing miracle.

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JenHowePeel said...

Looks niiiiiiice! I didn't know you picked out a glider/ottoman, too - good pick.

I laugh that you referred to Jenny as your refugee sister. I bet she is thirsty.