Thursday, September 18, 2008

23 Weeks

Today is 23 weeks. We are moving right along! I forgot to take a picture this morning before work, so I got Jason to snap one while at work today.

I can feel the babies move and kick all the time now. And I love the feeling. They usually are both playing around 9am, after I get to work and have been sitting for a while, and also at night when I sit down to watch TV or lay down to go to sleep.

Baby B is going to be our wild child. He is always up and moving around. Makes me worry about how he is going to sleep when he is out of the womb.

We all seem to be doing well. Just waiting and growing. Growing and waiting.

Next appointment in 13 days!

1 comment:

JenHowePeel said...

That is the cutest little bump! I think this wild child and I will get along swimmingly...but I can't wait to meet 'em both!