Thursday, September 4, 2008

21 Weeks

Today is the 21 week mark. More than half way done.

I found out at the ultrasound the other day that Baby B is much higher than I though. The tech started moving that wand thing around and I was like "whoa, there is a baby up there?" I noticed that my stomach was getting harder higher up, but I didn't put two and two together. So, I've only been showing off half the belly all this time! Lovely to know! Here it is in all its grandeur!

In other exciting news, I felt a kick from the outside last night. I was laying in bed, watching TV last night and the boys were playing away. Baby B must have gotten smart and turned back around because I was feeling lots of kicks on my right side. I put my hand on my right side and soon I felt a little thump in my palm.

Jason was in the living room so I called him into the bedroom to see if he could feel it also, but no luck. We waited there with his hand on my belly for a while, but it was odd with him just standing there and waiting. Maybe next time.

We have a big shopping trip planned this weekend with the grandmas! We are going down to Austin on Saturday to check out Baby Mecca (BabiesRUs). I'm not sure who is more excited!

And we have zero ideas for boy names. I had Jason convinced on one girl name, but now we are back at the starting line. I just need to corner him sometime and make some decisions. And despite what he thinks, Rambo Manchild is not an option!

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