Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jason and I went to our 16 week appointment yesterday afternoon. We didn't have to wait very long in the waiting room again, so that was nice. The nurse took us back to one of the exam rooms, and we sat down. She gave me the cup that I needed to pee in, but said that she thought someone was in the bathroom and that I should wait just a second. A couple minutes later Jason heard someone come out so it was my turn. When I walked into the bathroom I noticed that the toilet seat was up. I thought that was strange, but figured that someones husband must have had to use the bathroom. My mind started wondering how someone could feel comfortable enough in a doctor's office to leave the seat up. I mean its not like that bathroom looks anything like a bathroom at someones home. Boys are just so forgetful. So I put the seat down and went to the bathroom.

In the toilet. Not in the cup. When I realize what I had done, I cut it off and catch literally two drops in the cup. Great! So I stand up and wait a few seconds and try to go again. Nothing. I stand up again and do a little shimmy shake to try and move the process along. Maybe two more drops. I give up at this point and decide to go back to the room. I was worried that Jason would start worrying that something was wrong if I was gone too long.

I take my 4 drops of pee into the room and tell Jason what happened. He was so embarrassed of me! It was funny. "That is like your only job when we are here." I just laughed and said I would try again in a few minutes. I'm a peeing machine these days so I wasn't worried.

5 minutes later I decide to give it another go. As I left, Jason said if the doctor came while I was gone that he would just tell him that I was having trouble going. I said "No, don't tell him that. He will think I have a real problem." He was too embarrassed to admit what I had really done. I may have gotten a few more drops that time so I decided to just fess up!

When Dr. Moore walked in I told him that I forgot to pee in the cup and that I would try again after the appointment. He said that was fine and blamed it on my "placenta brain!" I looked at Jason and said "Seeeeeee!" just like a little kid would do!

Now, onto the actual appointment. So far at every appointment (both of them) we have gotten an ultrasound to check in on the babies and see their little heartbeats. We were hoping that the trend would continue and maybe we would get a peek at the genders too. Dr. Moore did do another ultrasound, and I was more than trilled to get to see our little avocados (that is how big they are this week), but he said that he wouldn't even try to guess at this point. He said our official ultrasound would be at the next appointment. I'm thinking that the ultrasound machine he uses and the "official" ultrasound machine are a bit different.

First we saw Baby A (A is always the one on bottom). Baby A was somewhat head down and looked so cute. Baby B was above Baby A and kinda over to my right side. Baby B was moving around like crazy in there. Their feet were pointed toward each other. I asked if Dr. Moore thought they would switch places. He said it wasn't likely. So Baby A will always be Baby A and Baby B will always be Baby B from now on. We just need to find out who will be what!

Oh, I remembered to ask for a print out and I'll scan it and post it as soon as I get a chance. Its really hard to make anything out. It is a little easier on the live screen that we get to see in the office.

At our very first appointment (when we found out about the twins), Dr. Moore mentioned something about the possibility of a c-section. In all the excitement that day, I didn't think all that much about it, so I wanted to ask for clarification. Basically he said I would probably have a c-section because of the risk involved for Baby B. If I were to deliver naturally, after Baby A came out, Baby B could flip around and be breech or the change in pressure could cause some damage to the placenta. Or something like that. So I need to prepare for a c-section. And that kinda freaks me out. I don't do well with incisions. My Mom loves to tell the story about when I turned white as a ghost after sneaking a peak at Megan's incision after knee surgery. And the thought of being awake during all of that freaks me out too. But, tons of women have done it and I can do it too.

So we had another good appointment. And I have to wait FOUR MORE WEEKS to find out what they are. September 2nd.... that's the big day!

Oh, and I may have gained 9 pounds. YIKES!

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