Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do These Shoes Match My Dress?

Look what I wore to work today! I'm an idiot! I wear these awesome flip flops around the house all the time. I wear them outside to play fetch with the dog, and when Lola steps on my foot with muddy paws I just wear them into the shower to get them clean. I LOVE them!
I decided to wear a dress to work today so that I felt pretty on my birthday! I was still wearing these flips with my dress when I walked into the bathroom to curl my hair. And I guess when I was done I just walked right out the door with them still on my feet!

We were driving to work before I noticed. It was 8:03! There was no turning back! I explained what I did to the people in my office and tried to stay behind my desk most of the morning. I was able to run home at lunch time and make the switch.

I could blame this on "placenta brain" again, but its actually not the first time I've done it. I wore them to Ft. Worth once for Samina's couples shower. We had to stop by a Target before the party started!

So, its official! I'm just an idiot!
**Note** I wrote this post on Tursday, Aug 7th, but my memory card disk drive decided not to work on my computer at home.

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