Friday, July 25, 2008

The twins' first vacation

We left for vacation to the Dominican Republic on Thursday, July 10th. The trip was the 2008 installment of Vacation Club. We went with Jen and Corey and Tom and Cheryl. The plan was to fly from DFW to San Juan, Puerto Rico and then from there to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, where our resort was.

After boarding the plane to San Juan we were informed that there was a mechanical problem with our plane and a switch needed to be replaced, which may or may not fix the problem. Everyone was ready to get our vacation started so we ordered a few drinks at the TGI Friday's in the airport while we waited for our plan to be fixed. I had a Shirley Temple! I'm sure you can guess how the rest of this story goes... our flight is delayed so much that we miss our next flight to Punta Cana... the last flight there of the day. So we spent the first night of our vacation stuck in Puerto Rico. And it wouldn't have been all that bad if we would have had time to venture out, but by the time we got our food and hotel vouchers it was dark outside. We ate at an Outback and had some fun at a roulette table in some casino in Old San Juan. It was still a fun time, but we all wished we would have been at our final destination.

Here we are the next day in the San Juan Airport, hoping to all get on the first flight to Punta Cana of the day. We all made it. You wold have thought we won the lottery!

It was a very short flight to Punta Cana. And a VERY crazy cab ride to our resort. We stayed at the Punta Cana Princess. It is an adult only, all-inclusive. And we loved it! They brought us fruit punch and cool cloths while we were checking in.

Jason and I reserved a Honeymoon Suite... just because. It had a loft with a sunken jacuzzi tub. All the rooms had a living area and a mini fridge that was always stocked with water, beer, coke, sprite and of course, rum!

And then we hit the pool...

And the beach...

The two extras in this picture are Ryan and Jen from Canada. We made lots of friends on the trip! The sand and beach in the Dominican were some of the best I've seen. The sand was so white and soft.

We did take some time out to eat a meal or two! Corey loved his raw meat at the Italian place!

The Pitts and the Crenshaws had to leave on Monday. Jason and I stayed until Wednesday. They had kids to get home to, but were still very sad to leave. Jason and I agreed it was one of our best decisions to stay two extra days. Of course, later that day when we started feeling sick he had to question our decision.

Jason slept in the room one day while I read my book by the pool. He kept telling me how sorry he was for leaving me alone all day, but I was perfectly content with my book. I hadn't had a chance to even crack it. Jason is not usually a sitter on vacations so it really worked out okay for me. I just wish he hadn't felt so bad. He started feeling better by the time it was time to go home. Such great timing!
We had such an amazing vacation and realize that it will be our last for quite a while!

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