Thursday, July 3, 2008

Not so sweet dreams

I've been having some crazy dreams lately. And I've even been able to remember them. That usually never happens.

One time I was running from Ed Harris, who was a cop trying to arrest me. I don't know what for. At one point during the chase I sat down at a booth in a restaurant with three strangers to try to blend in. That didn't work and the chase continued.

Another night I was Tony Sorprano and running from the cops. We were hiding in this old church with great big, uncovered windows. It was a terrible hiding place, and the cops found us by shining their flashlights in the windows. One of the cops was escorting me to the cop car, but out of respect for me was allowing me to walk unhandcuffed. On the way to the car, my mom was standing there with a huge bowl of popcorn and offered me some. But, hidden under all the popcorn was a black bag full of supplies and essentials that I would need as I continued my life on the run. So I dug my hand into the bowl of popcorn, grabbed the bag, and ran off into the dark woods.

Then, just the other night I had a dream that my friend, Jen Pitts, was 7 weeks pregnant. Wouldn't be all that crazy of a dream except Jen and her husband, Corey, have three very active kids and have taken measures to insure that they don't have any more. I've heard Corey joke with Jen before that if she gets pregnant again that she would have some explaining to do! Catch my drift? So, in my dream Jen is pregnant, but was very calm with it. And it was known that Jen didn't do any cheating, and that it was a medical miracle that she was pregnant. I told Jen about my dream the next morning and she assured me that she would NOT be calm if she were to get pregnant!

I can't wait to fall asleep tonight and live another crazy dream. This stuff is better than the movies!

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