Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am retelling the following day's events. It was all too new to post about when it happened!

Sunday, May 18
I drove to Galveston this weekend with JenHowe. She was going to a bachelorette party of a friend and wanted some company on the long drive, so she asked to me come along. We met Jenny in Houston Friday for some shopping and some P.F. Chang's. Then Saturday, Jenny and I hung out while Jen was at her party. On Sunday, Jen and I headed back to Waco.

Now, here is a little background for this story. By this point my period was over a week late and I was thinking I could be pregnant. Sorry, TMI! But, having to be out of town and away from Jason for the weekend I didn't want to take a test until we were together(read, I couldn't muster up the strength to do it by myself).

So with the possibility of being pregnant I secretly refrain from drinking any alcohol. Which was basically the plan for the weekend... drink cocktails at the pool with Jenny during the day and go out with her friends that night. So I drink "mocktails" and pour out sips here and there of the drinks that Jenny made me. It wasn't hard to hide it from Jenny.. especially as the day went on and she had more and more to drink! Later I beg Jenny to let me stay home while she goes out with her friends. I blame it on being old and she finally agrees.

Sunday, after JenHowe dropped me off at home I worked up the courage to tell Jason that we needed to go get a pregnancy test. A little freaked out he drove us to the CVS down the street. We giggled and avoided eye contact with anyone on the way to the pregnancy test isle. Jason asked why we felt this way... we weren't sixteen... we were married... we were allowed to be pregnant! It was still hard! I read the directions on the way home. Once there, I set up in the bathroom while Jason set the kitchen timer. Well, I must have peed all over everything but the tiny strip I was supposed to pee on for 5 whole seconds! I set the test on the counter and let Jason know that he will have to be the one to check it when the timer goes off. There was no way my legs would support me while I did that. So after the timer goes off Jason ventures into the bathroom to check the results. "What happens if there is nothing?" I scan the directions. No help. "Maybe I did it wrong, I peed everywhere." So we head back out to get another test. I didn't want to go back to the same CVS for some reason, so I made Jason drive one more street over to the Walgreen's. We buy a three pack. Repeat all steps except I was a little more precise. Well, it only took one test. So completely, clearly, positive!

I've got two tests left from our three pack if anyone needs them... those little things are expensive!

Monday, May19
So we are pregnant and have no idea what to do next. I thought it would be a neat and special thing for only Jason and I to know about. But, really we had too many questions and needed to tell our parents. Google is really no good for advice! After work we drove over to my parent's house. We didn't tell them we were coming over and could not think of a single reason to be there on a Monday afternoon. Our brains were about fried by now. By the time we got to the top of the drive way my mom was headed out to see who was there. We get out of the car and she asks us what we are up to. We have no response. The truth was we still weren't sure what we were doing! She immediately figured it out and starts smiling while we walk inside. "Hold on, let me go get your Dad." Before he makes it in she smiles and asks if we are going on our cruise that has been planned for December for over a year. All we can do is shake our heads. I think she started crying (good crying) a little and when my Dad made it in he pretty much had it all figured out.

I was sad about missing the cruise and at this point was thinking that everyone would just go without us. Jason liked to joke that he would still be able to go along! And he got a swift punch in the arm each time he did! My mom asked about my due date. With the help of the Internet, I had figured it to be January 15. Up until that point I don't think I had put all of the dates together. In my mind the cruise was set for December. And January 15 was half way through the month of January. No problems there! But, wait! We were set to leave after Christmas and this was a 10 day cruise. That makes a return date of January 7. One week before my due date. Wait! Thankfully, my mom put all of that together much quicker than I did and says that she didn't feel comfortable being gone that close to the due date. Thank God she said that! I can't do this without my mom! A few days later it was decided that we would all still go on the cruise in December of 2009... and take along an extra passenger!

We actually had a reason to go to Jason's parents that night. His mom had been begging him to go through the closet in his old room. They were going through the entire house, getting rid of old stuff, and doing some updates. Once there, we started talking about a cute picture of Madison, our niece, on the fridge and Jason was able to insert something about being a grandma again. " I knew you didn't come over here to clean out your closet!" She knows him too well!

Over the next couple of weeks we tell my sisters, Jenny and Megan, and Jason's brother, Ben. I was very worried about my sisters being sad about the cruise, but it was just the opposite. They are busy fighting over who will be the favorite aunt!

My first appointment was scheduled for June 11... a day short of being 9 weeks pregnant.

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