Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Out of Control...

My roots. They're out of control.
I am trying to hold off touching them up until after 12 weeks. 8 days to go. When I asked my doctor about coloring my hair, he didnt really seem all that against it, but said if I could wait until after 12 weeks it would be better. Aparently all the important stuff is decided in the first twelve weeks, and weeks 13-40 are mostly for growing. And I am all for doing anything that will keep my kid from coming out with three arms. Although, Jason would probably see it as an advantage while playing professional sports in the future.

Now, I realize that by pointing this out that I am now outing myself as a non-natural blonde... That was a joke... you can laugh! Although, my friend, Deborah, claimed one day that she didn't know that I colored my hair. I've always liked that Deborah.

A month or so ago Jason and I met Lara for lunch. She has always described herself as the type of friend who would tell you when you had spinach in your teeth or... when you need to touch up your hair color. As we walked down the sidewalk toward Schmaltz's that day (she was about five feet behind me and I'm a good 7 inches taller than her mind you) she busts out with "Breyer, we have got to do something about those roots!" I come back with, "oh, are they that bad?" I knew they were bad! They were bad before this whole pregnancy thing started... I was just lazy!

Weeks later, after we told her about the bambinos, she realized why I had let myself go. She laughed!
I plan to pull out the box-o-color a couple days before we leave for our trip to the Dominican Republic, as not to ruin all the vacation pictures with my skunk head.


Anonymous said...

So what are we going to do about this little problem? ...You know I have some ideas abrewin'! :) ~L

JenHowePeel said...

I laugh a lot at this! My mother asked me the other day if I was foregoing my highlights during pregnancy...the answer is no, of course, but it is even harder to keep up with now!