Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The beginning...

Ok, I'm blogging now. I don't really have a reason to start, but everyone else is doing it and I guess I'm just kinda flaky like that.

So this first post is about our 6 month anniversary trip. Yes, I know that's dorky. You don't have to tell me. I've never been the girl who knew to the day how long she had been dating her boyfriend. Jason and I still don't know for sure when we started dating. I'm thinking March of 2005. But really, I'm not positive if that is even the correct year. I just don't remember stuff like that...along with loads of other stuff! But, every time I say 6 month anniversary I feel like I am 14.

So here are the reasons that we took a 6 month anniversary trip:

1) I like to plan things.

2) I like to go places.

3) I like to go places with Jason... he makes me laugh!

4) We probably won't go on a big trip for our one year anniversary because we are going to the Dominican Republic in July and on a 10 day cruise to the Panama Canal in December. Our anniversary falls in the middle of those two awesome vacations.

My original idea was to go see a Texas Country concert somewhere out of town. When I mentioned the idea to Jason, he came up with an even better one... to head to College Station for the weekend. I liked the idea because the first two things that popped into my head were the Messina Hof winery and Christopher's World Grille. I know for a fact that neither of these were what motivated Jason to pick College Station as our destination, but never the less, we were both on board.

We left on a Friday afternoon after work and had to drive through some pretty nasty weather to arrive at Christopher's in plenty of time for our 8:00 reservation. My good friend, Lara, had dined at Christoper's many times and had given it rave reviews. I went in with very high expectations and it did not disappoint. All of our food was so delicious. Dessert decisions are usually left up to me. Jason could care less and to me that's the best part of the meal. I decided we would share creme brulee and then take a piece of chocolate cake to go. I couldn't pick just one so this was the perfect solution. The service at Christopher's was great and the food exceeded my expectations. The special touch on the creme brule won them extra points in my book!

The next morning we woke up and toured the Mesinna Hof winery. As we were driving there, Jason kept saying that he couldn't believe he had lived in College Station for so many years and had never even heard of the place. I told him he was lucky I was around to introduce him to cool, new stuff! It was really neat and we felt fancy learning how to taste the different types of wines. We brought a few bottles home with us including a really awesome merlot that we decided we would have on our one year anniversary along with the top layer from our wedding cake! So now Jason's favorite game is to tell me that he accidentally opened that bottle and ask me if I want a glass anyway.

Here are a few pictures taken by the grape vines.
We grabbed lunch at Wings-N-More (a favorite of Jason's) and headed home. The plan was to go to a baseball game, but Jason said he was ready to be home. It was a really nice way to celebrate our first 6 months of marriage. I can't wait to plan our 1 1/2 year anniversary trip... just kidding! That's too dorky for even me!